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Alma College Press Clippings


Here's a compilation of local newspaper articles and letters to the editor about Alma College. Some background info is provided in this chronological summary. For most recent news, search the St. Thomas Times Journal archives for "Alma College".

Development of the buildings and property:

23 Jan 2008 Alma Demolition Granted by OMB Jackie Gill, STTJ
3 Oct 2007 Alma slated for demolition Patrick Maloney, LFP
Sep 2007 Dear Old Alma Andrew Gunn, Alma Foundation
19 Sep 2007 Alma Foundation wants college's valuable artifacts Patrick Brennan, STTJ
23 Aug 2006 Alma Owners Weighing Offers Ian McCallum, STTJ
22 Aug 2006 Demolition Permit Denied Ian McCallum, STTJ
16 Mar 2006 60-Day Extension Ian McCallum, STTJ
25 Feb 2006 Time To Let Go Roy Hoffman, St. Thomas resident
25 Feb 2006 Dubious Recognition Ian McCallum, STTJ
22 Feb 2006 Alma on Endangered List Ian McCallum, STTJ
18 Feb 2006 Courting Controversy Ian McCallum, STTJ
14 Feb 2006 Looking Beyond Demolition St. Thomas Times-Journal
14 Feb 2006 Over to Management for Info Ian McCallum, STTJ
14 Feb 2006 Communities Get Identity from Historic Buildings Donna Murray, St. Thomas resident
8 Feb 2006 Pleading for Alma Ian McCallum, STTJ
4 Feb 2006 Demolition Derby Ian McCallum, STTJ
3 Feb 2006 Disregard for Heritage G. Billinghurst, Alma College Alumna
28 Jan 2006 Passionate Debate Over Alma Ian McCallum, STTJ
26 Jan 2006 Alma College is a Landmark Ryan Belanger, St. Thomas resident
25 Jan 2006 History Burdens Alma's Future Ian McCallum, STTJ
21 Jan 2006 They Shoot Horses, Don't They? Ian McCallum, STTJ
17 Jan 2006 Alma Proposal handed to MHC Ian McCallum, STTJ
14 Jan 2006 Application To Demolish Alma Ian McCallum, STTJ
19 Mar 2005 Heritage Act Fails Alma College Ian McCallum, STTJ
11 Mar 2005 Retirement Community Plan Goes Off Rails Ian McCallum, STTJ
4 Oct 2004 Doors Open on Alma College Future Ian McCallum, STTJ
27 Sep 2004 Invites are in the Mail Eric Bunnell, STTJ
11 May 2004 Head of Heritage Committee Resigns Randy Richmond, LFP
  Alma is Sadly Disappearing Lisa Dye, St. Thomas resident
28 Apr 2003 Signs Make Plea for Valleyview Ian McCallum, STTJ
16 Apr 2003 Alma Owners Table New Offer Hank Daniszewski, LFP
18 Mar 2003 Demolition Denied St. Thomas Times-Journal
18 Mar 2003 Alma College Demolition Bid Turned Down Hank Daniszewski, LFP
March 2003 Council May Stall Alma Demolition Hank Daniszewski, LFP
11 Mar 2003 Alma Declared Sound St. Thomas Times-Journal
22 Feb 2003 SPECIAL REPORT Hank Daniszewski, LFP
  Initiatives Scoured To Preserve Alma College Michael Manchester, Aylmer resident
15 Feb 2003 Alma College Soap Opera Like Deja Vu All Over Again Dawson Winchester
13 Feb 2003 Face It ... Alma Can't be Saved Ray Miller, Aylmer resident
11 Feb 2003 Preserve Alma College Nick Cassis, former St. Thomas resident
10 Feb 2003 City Must Open Its Eyes Lori Burwell, St. Thomas resident
Feb 2003 Wasn't There a Plan? Jim Kaplanis, St. Thomas resident
  Alma College An Architectural, Historical Treasure Barb McCallum,
Alma College alumna
  College Ruling To Take Time Hank Daniszewski, LFP
21 Jan 2003 Historic College Sparks Heated Debate Hank Daniszewski, LFP
20 Jan 2003 Alma Owner Responds Ian McCallum, STTJ
20 Jan 2003 Wrecker's ball Looms over Alma College Zulekha Nathoo, LFP
11 Jan 2003 Save Alma College St. Thomas Times-Journal
Dec 2002 Alma College Future Brian Squires, Alma Heritage Estates
Feb 2002 Alma College on the Block as Dream Fails Eric Bunnell, STTJ
June 2001 100th Anniversary Reunion Marg Berry, STTJ

Happier stories:

12 Jun 2007 Alma College lives again Lara M. Leitch, Alumnae President
29 June 2006 Alma Vase Rescued Patrick Brennan, STTJ
10 June 2005 2005 Reunion at Sandam Eric Bunnell, STTJ
15 Feb 2005 Local Historical Film Patrick Brennan, STTJ
23 Feb 2004 Alma Archives in New Home John Herbert, LFP
5 Mar 2003 St. Thomas comes to London - in art form Nicole Laidler, UWO Gazette
Feb 2003 St. Thomas Smith takes us to a familiar place London Free Press
15 Feb 2003 Time Capsule Discovered London Free Press
3 Feb 2003 The Night I Charmed an Alma Girl Jim Taylor, LFP
13 Nov 1997 On the Set with Disney Noel Gallagher, LFP
April 1974 The Ghost of Angela St. Thomas Times-Journal