St. Thomas Times Journal
Editorial Letter
February 13, 2003


I think it is time everyone faced the realities regarding Alma College.

The Squires family has already begun demolition by gutting areas of the interior and they also requested an official demolition permit. It is obvious to me that the large property is prime real estate with the almighty dollar involved. The main building cannot be renovated to modern standards. The high ceilings in correlation with tall windows makes interior space arrangements unworkable.

Many people have memories and association with Alma College. For example, the gymnasium was donated by The Timken Company. And one warm day long ago I went hiking southwards along the old L&PS Railway tracks which abut the west side of the property. And I had to pass by several young ladies attired in the Alma uniform, sitting on the tracks and surreptitiously having a smoke break. Their manners were impeccable - they didn't say hello.

Many photos and artifacts of Alma College exist, and if they have not already done so the Alma Alumnae Association should arrange a book. Let's face the fact that the Alma College main building or entire complex cannot be saved.

Ray Miller
Aylmer, Ontario