St.Thomas Times Journal


Let me first start out by saying that I really do not know a whole lot of the story of Alma College and how it has fallen into the current owner's hands.

And I also do not know a lot about what is currently going on with the owner and the city. What I do know is that it's just awful what we, as a city, have let happen to this great place.

I also can imagine the amount of money it would take to restore the college, but I just want people in this city to realize what we are letting go.

I was in Alma College just after they shot the movie Mr. Headmisstress. It was falling into disrepair. But the woodwork was amazing -- the grandness of the place. The quaint little cottage that was just outside. The stairs creaked and you could imagine the hundreds of people who had been there. It was truly a spectacular place.

And to see it today is heartbreaking. In my opinion, you would not take out everything that was beautiful and architectural and sell it off if you were trying to make the building something beautiful again. This building has been stripped bare. It looks like it's been raped. The current owner has no regard for the place. It is truly a disgrace. And we, the people, let it happen.

I am just asking that people take a drive down Rosebery Place and see the sky line that this majestic building creates. And we just let it go. People might also do one better and actually get out of the car and look around. I'm sure it will make them sad. Do people realize that people come to this city to see Alma College? Do people realize that in this city we had an amphitheatre? How many people got married there?

What should be done? I have no idea. But it will fall down, or burn down and all we will have is our memory of it. So go take a look, people, before it's just another memory of St. Thomas and what could have been.

Lisa Dye
St. Thomas