'People' by Eric Bunnell

St. Thomas-Times Journal
September 27, 2004

Invites are in the mail.

ALMA HERITAGE ESTATES is hosting a look-see and lunch Saturday for friends -- including city council members -- and media of its revived plans for the historic Alma College property now behind construction boarding. (Curious others can click to www.almahe.com -- though the website, like the “exclusive independent retirement community,” currently is under construction.)

With a nod to the property’s storied past, Saturday’s do is being called a yearbook signing ceremony for 2004/2005. The occasion commemorates the start of a new year for Alma Heritage Estates, says JILL ZUBICK in an accompanying note, and for the Alma property.

The corporation is completing a model suite in the school’s music building and says the coming 12 months also are the year for a start on development of the main block, which dates to 1877.