City Scope

By Ian McCallum, St. Thomas Times-Journal
February 25, 2006

Strange as this may sound, the best thing to happen to Alma College of late is the inclusion of the former school for girls on Heritage Canada’s Top 10 Most Endangered Places list.

As a result of the heritage report card released earlier this week, people across the country are now aware of the plight of the main building and chapel which are the subject of a demolition permit filed by owners Alma Heritage Estates and now being considered by the city’s management board.

Is it possible this is exactly the turn of events Brian Squires and the Zubick family of London, Ont., were looking for when they again sought permission to reduce to rubble the distinctive Victorian Gothic Revival architecture of Alma College. Makes it harder now for all levels of government to condone the demolition by neglect of what has been tagged St. Thomas history at its finest.