City Scope

By Ian McCallum, St. Thomas Times-Journal
Saturday January 21, 2006

Did council really have any realistic option other than selling the existing Valleyview Home with no conditions attached after the new facility opens next month? The city is strapped for cash, especially with the mayor’s pledge not to raise municipal taxes, and so it shouldn’t come as a surprise proceeds from the sale of the Elysian Street property will be directed into capital projects. Treasurer Day was right on the money when he stated the obvious ...”it’s not the city’s place to be in the landlord position.”

Can we please put poor old Alma College out of its misery? The owners have again applied for a demolition permit and, before it burns or crumbles down, let’s sign the paperwork It is painfully obvious heritage protection in this province leaves much to be desired and the city has no willingness to take possession of the historic facade. This corner is certain owner Brian Squires would allow a public wake to bid the grand old lady farewell.