Alma College more of a landmark than Jumbo

Letter to the Editor, St. Thomas Times-Journal
Thursday January 26, 2006

My name is Ryan Belanger. I am 15 years old and I have an interest in Alma College.

I don’t know how this beautiful place turned into this. It is terrible to look at with almost all the windows missing, bricks falling out and full emptiness on the inside.

How can everyone involved let it go? There was so much history in it. I think this landmark is more popular than Jumbo. There are people all around the world that will recognize this place. There were even two movies shot there: Mr. Headmistress 1997 and Silent Hill 2005.

In regards to Brian Squires, if you look at his plans for Alma, they were just amazing until he could no longer continue. Every time I walked my dog, I would always walk to Alma College and I would always see Mr. Squires there and he was very enthusiastic about the future of Alma. Alma College would have come back to life but now faces a wrecking ball again.

I hope some day this awesome building will be restored for young and old to see.

Ryan Belanger
St. Thomas