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Some former students, staff, and faculty are famous! Well, at least they're mentioned elsewhere on the web. We've provided some links below. If you know of a link to add to this page (maybe to your own site?), please contact us.

Name Web Sighting
Albert Carman Staff Co-founder, c. 1877. A historic plaque honouring him for his work in the Methodist Church has been erected in Belleville by the Ontario Heritage Foundation, Ministry of Culture and Communications.
Eva Marie Brook Student, Faculty Born in Simcoe in 1867, Eva attended Alma College, graduating with a diploma in Fine Arts in 1886. She returned to Alma as an Art teacher from 1887 to 1890. Upon her death in Simcoe in 1941 her home was willed to the Town of Simcoe so that it could be turned into a museum of art and antiquities. Today, the Eva Brook Donly Museum is still open and is still operated by the Norfolk Historical Society.
Rev. J. P. Rice Staff Financial agent, 1893-1896. An account of his fund-raising efforts to build the Lincoln Road United Church is reported in the Walkerville Times.
Nellie Langford Rowell Faculty

English literature and modern languages, c. 1898. A fairly extensive biography is available from York University Women's Studies.

Frederic Bell-Smith Faculty Art Director, 1881-1905 (stayed on in honorary capacity until 1910). A brief biography and some paintings are shown on the London Regional Art and Historical Museums site.
St. John Hyttenrauch Faculty Music, 1881 - 1908. Part of the Home Guard for London, Ontario in 1866.
Robert Ironsides Warner Faculty Principal, 1898-1919. Headstone is catalogued in the Elgin County branch of the Ontario Genealogy Society. "Teacher teach thyself the creed."
Julia Payne Faculty Sculpture, 1890-91. Mentioned in St. Thomas-Elgin Public Art Centre biography of William Smith, as she had married him in 1886.
William Smith Faculty Art Director, 1905-1910. Art, 1902-05. A brief biography and a few paintings are published on the London Regional Art and Historical Museums site. More details of his life are on the St. Thomas-Elgin Public Art Centre site. Two art reviews about a retrospective exhibition are on the Press Clippings page.
Frances Marr Adaskin Student c. 1915. Pianist. A biography and archives from her career can be found at the University of British Columbia.
Carolyn Curtis Student c. 1926. Artist. A brief biography is provided by the St. Thomas-Elgin Public Art Centre, where her work is part of their permanent collection.
Francis Heywood Student c. 1927. Nurse, owner/operator of a lodge on Manitoulin Island. A biography was carried in the Manitoulin Expositor.
Adalene (Elliott) Johnston Faculty

French, c. 1933. A brief biography is found under McMaster University Alumni.

Gertrude Huntly Green Faculty Music (violin), 1930-36. Concert pianist, mentioned in first issue of Chatelaine magazine, and later founder of Victoria Conservatory of Music. A yearly memorial scholarship is available to music students at the University of Victoria.
Kay Smith Faculty English and Drama. A brief biography is provided by the League of Canadian Poets.
Doreen Hall Faculty Music (violin), 1942-45. A biography and other records of her career as both a musician and an educator are available at the Music Archives of the National Library of Canada.
Eugenia Last Student 1962-63. An astrologer, her column is carried in several newspapers, and she has her own astrological website.
Karen Brown Student 1968-69. A visual artist based in Toronto, Kate has a personal website.
Paul Massel Faculty Music (voice), 1976-77. Paul is a widely acclaimed performer, and since 2000, also a Catholic priest. He has his own website, and this article appeared in an Edmonton Catholic newspaper.
Sylvia Shiell Student, Staff Student 1976-79, House Mother 80-81, Staff 1985-87. Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts and Masters in Education, Shiell shares her photographs of Vancouver Island at CafePress.
Dianne Long Faculty Dance, Summer School of the Arts, c. 1978. Founder and principal of the Cambridge Theatre Dance School.
Mary Miller Student 1978-82. Runs The Finch House, a bed and breakfast in Gravenhurst, Ontario.
Melissa Kennedy Student 1979-80. Lawyer and educator. A brief biography is provided by the University of Toronto Faculty of Law.
Jack Barnes Faculty Music (percussion), Summer School of the Arts, 1983-84. Jack has a personal website describing his services as a drumming instructor and performer.
Betty Bone Faculty Principal, 1970-1986. Died 6 August 1998. A short biography was carried in the Toronto Globe and Mail.
Steve Peters Staff Archivist, c .1981-1988. Longtime friend of the alumnae, currently MPP for Elgin-Middlesex_london.
Sondra Stewart Student 1982-86. Runs her own professional services company, Stewart Business Valuations.
Lisa Forwell Student 1985-86. Engineer, MBA. President of Forwell Materials, a construction materials company in Kitchener.