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  1. I heard that the school closed. What happened with the buildings? (destroyed by fire, 28 May 2008)
  2. What happened to the student transcripts? (sent to Ontario Ministry of Education)
  3. Can I get a composite photo from my year? (some left)
  4. I lost my school ring. Can I get a replacement? (yes)
  5. What movies were shot at Alma College? (Mr. Headmistress, Silent Hill)
  6. Can I buy anything to remind me of Alma College? (yes, thanks for your support)

1. What happened to the school buildings?

Alma land and buildings were purchased by "Alma Heritage Estates", a private corporation led by Brian Squires of London, who planned to create a retirement village at Alma. Alma's main heritage building was gutted to prepare for a retrofit into luxury apartments. The plans fell through and work on the buildings stopped. Over time, the buildings fell into disrepair, and the owners applied for a demolition permit. A group of academics and local business people offered to buy the property, with the intent of establishing a liberal arts college. The offer was rejected. The buildings were destroyed by fire on May 28, 2008. See the Press Clippings page for related news articles.

2. Where are the student transcripts?

With the help of the alumnae, all student records were safely removed from the building and archived to the Ontario Ministry of Education in Toronto. A transcript can be obtained by mailing a completed "Request for Secondary School Transcript or Statement" form plus a fee of $25.68 (check for current prices) to this address:

Ministry of Education
Records Management Unit
7th Floor, Mowat Block
900 Bay Street
Toronto, ON M7A 1L2

Special thanks go to the dozens of volunteers who spent hundreds of hours sorting, cataloguing, and shipping the documents.

3. Can I get a composite photo?

Yes, there are still some available. They have all been digitized and are online to view (along with many other pictures and documents) through the Elgin Archives site. Here is how to do it:

To search for Alma composite photos, alumnae should browse online to On that page, type in the search phrase "alma & composite" in the "Any Word or Phrase" field and click on the "Submit Query" button. Of course, this form of search is a very blunt instrument, as it will return all of the more than 5,000 records in our database associated with Alma composite photographs. I imagine your members will usually be searching for a specific year or individual, in which case they should modify the search phrase to "alma & composite & 1963 [for example]" or "alma & composite & robertson [for example]".

4. Can I still get a school ring?

A source has been found for Alma grad rings here in London, Ontario. Currently, we have one order for a gold grad ring at an approximate price of $700 + tax. Prices are being negotiated. We can also have sterling rings made with the Alma crest on them.

If anyone is interested, for a picture & price, please contact: Donna Robertson at 519-471-0855 or info@

5. What movies were shot at the College?

Walt Disney Film Productions shot some scenes for the comedy Mr. Headmistress at Alma College in November 1997. The film is about a con man on the run who disguises himself as a woman and takes on the role of headmistress at a private girls' school. First release was on March 15, 1998. Alma girls might spot some of the rooms used for filming: Mr. Pretty's class, the chapel, and the pool. The London Free Press wrote an article during the shoot. Full movie details are at the Internet Movie Database -- check out our credit under "Filming Locations."

In 2005, the gutted and spooky interior of Alma College was a perfect backdrop for scenes in the movie Silent Hill, released April 21, 2006. Based on the video games of the same name, the movie is about a woman who finds herself trapped in an alternate reality as she searches for her daughter in a world of decay inhabited by strange beings. We're pretty sure that these pictures from the movie are at Alma College. Check out the Internet Movie Database to see if you recognize any more.

6. Can I buy anything to remind me of Alma College?

Yes, we have some items of clothing branded with the Alma school crest, and some pendants of the main building. Proceeds go to the Alumnae Association. See the Alma LogoWare page for details. Also, at each reunion there is generally an auction of some Alma College memorabilia, as well as some smaller items for sale.