News from the Presidents: 2013

President, International Alumnae Association
Lisa M Johnson, 1985-86

Dear Alma Alumna

The Alma College Alumnae Reunion June 2013 was a tremendous success. Thank you for attending and keeping our association alive. Storytelling! Who would have thought our storytelling segment would be so successful. It was our first ever with five or six stories told to the attendees. With all the laughter in the room, alumnae were motivated to get up and tell a few more stories of their own. We had positive feedback and many of you told us "this is what reunions should be about". As alumnae, we can retell our times at Alma, to have a few laughs, and to reflect on what Alma
meant to each of us as students and staff. I encourage you to come out to the next reunion and reminisce about your Alma days and more importantly, write down your Alma anecdotes and send them to us!

The Bell: Alumnae were thrilled when the bell rang to signal the start of the luncheon portion of the reunion weekend. Warm memories of Alma were stirred! Thank you to Mike Baker of the Elgin County Museum for bringing the school bell to our reunion. Mike also brought along the newly donated “international doll collection”. During his update to alumnae, Mike commented that by attending the luncheon he now knew
why Mary Virginia always requested use of the Sisk Trophy every June. The Sisk Trophy is used to honour the memory of those alumnae who have died over the past year(s).

The Scholarship Fund: As an alumnae group, we raised just over $1,000 for the scholarship fund in 2013. Individual donations received through the registration forms totaled just over $500, and on Reunion Saturday we raised an additional $500 through a 50-50 draw, raffle prizes, and the book sale. Thank you to Pat Kirby, Evelyn Knight, and Bev Mustard for your generous donation of the raffle prizes. Thanks to Pat Meathrell and Pat Ruhl for organizing the book sale, and the volunteers, Barb O'Brien, June Cooper, and Barb McCallum, who sold 50-50 and raffle tickets.

Bermuda 2015: Pat Kirby provided an update about her upcoming art show in Bermuda scheduled for May 2015. Pat excited the group with a suggestion of an alumnae reunion in Bermuda to coincide with the art show. A number of alumnae have expressed an interest in returning to Bermuda. In 2009 twenty-two alumnae and their spouses/friends, travelled to Grotto Bay Resort in Bermuda for a spectacular alumnae
trip. Let's make it happen again.

Our Volunteers: A special thank you to the reunion committee for your continued dedication and hard work ... without you, there would be no reunion!!! And thanks to Marnie Shore for taking the group photos.

Reunion 2014: The reunion committee has already begun to plan next year's reunion. Please put a hold in your calendars for June 13-15, 2014. See the details in the newsletter. I hope to see you there.

It has been an honour to serve as President from 2012-2014. This is an election year and the current executive is hoping to have new Alumnae step up to the plate in June. Please consider allowing your name to stand for election this June. If you are interested in serving on the executive
please contact Past-President, Donna Robertson at It is a fun and rewarding experience.The future of our alumnae association depends on volunteers like you.

Toujours en avant!
Lisa M Johnson, 1985-86


President, London Branch
Myfanwy Matthews (1953-54)

October 21 to 26, 2013
Private viewing of "TuEllys" Fall & Winter Fashions by Designer, Eleanor (Grimm) Graham, Alma - 1960-61.

October 22
Guests of St. Thomas Branch lunch/meeting at St. Thomas Golf Club followed by visit to Museum/Archives to view the "Alma Exhibit" featured until December. The exhibit moved to the Eva
Brook Donly Museum & Archives in Simcoe on January 18th and will be featured until June 14, 2014.

November 6
A delicious luncheon and brief meeting was held at Aroma Restaurant. We visited, told Alma stories and wished a special Happy Birthday to Sandra (Irvine) Pearson.

December 14
Jean Dollar has hosted many Alumnae Christmas parties over the years and again this year, graciously welcomed us into her home. Potluck parties have turned into "catered" dinners which are guaranteed to be delicious and less work. Thank you Jean, your home was beautifully decorated and your hospitality, warm and welcoming.

New Year
Happy and Healthy New Year to all and Good-bye to Winter - We hope to visit with you at the June Reunion.

A hearty welcome to two Alumnae new to the London Branch. Kay (Howe) Sweetman from Sudbury, 1965-66 and Jill Hollands from Tavistock,1958-59.

Submitted by Joni Pypka
Myfanwy Matthews, London Branch President

President, St. Thomas Branch
Joyce (Murison) Skelding, 1955-56

On February 16th we held the “Valentine” meeting at the home of Jane Ann Tasker in Port Stanley with twelve members present.

June of course was the annual Reunion in London with many members attending -- great camaraderie and great food!

July 15th, a potluck dinner was hosted by Sine Herold. Seventeen “girls”, including the London Branch, enjoyed the warm summer evening and a superb meal.

September 8th was a day well attended for a show of Alma's artistic talent at the Elgin County Museum. Evelyn Knight gave an interesting and informative talk of her work and her years at Alma.

In December, poinsettias were delivered to three shut-in members.

In 2014 we hope to have 4 or 5 meetings plus a joint London-St. Thomas Christmas meeting.

Hope to see you all there for the Annual Reunion in June!

Toujours en avant,
Joyce Skelding, President